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Hirsch Artisanal

Hirsch Artisanal is one of the finest bracelet collections in the world. Artisanal Watch Bracelets are handcrafted - one by one, in a process consisting of more than 60 steps. Finest reptile leathers are punched, seams are manually sewn and varnish is carefully applied with a fine brush. Artisanal bracelets are masterpieces. In every single one you can feel and see the Hirsch experience and emotional involvement.

Hirsch Performance

Hirsch is setting new standards in terms of functionality, wearing comfort, longevity and aesthetics with the Performance Watch Bands. The pleasantly soft caoutchouc core perfectly adapts to the shape of any wrist and, because it is not in full contact with the skin, ensures natural thermo-regulation and acclimatisation while wearing. The high-quality upper leather comes up to various requirements in terms of design and aesthetics thanks to its variability and quality.

ABP Paris

Handcrafted and perfectly suited with the specifications of the Rolex brand, in the pure tradition of French leather goods, these are the basics of ABP Paris’s guidelines. Available for easy fitment and pleasant to wear, ABP Paris Watch Straps are rubber reinforced. One advantage of rubber being that it makes the strap more durable, the leather never being in direct contact with the skin.