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What Has Hay Fever To Do With Bracelets?

Hay Fever

Scarcely anyone knows if their skin is allergic to leather. The majority of the population suffers from some form of allergy and it is children who suffer to an increasing extent from them.

Hirsch is aware of this as early as 1980 when it took up the development of a Pro Skin coating for leather watch bands in the framework of a research project with a competent medical institution, the 1st Viennese University Clinic for Dermatology, which got then patented.

The result of these clinical tests is considered to be sensational. Measured by medical criteria, the Pro Skin coating used by Hirsch worldwide is able to prevent 100% of all allergies that could be triggered by wearing leather watch straps.

By The Way...


Hirsch always emphasises on premium quality and the harmlessness of all raw materials used for the manufacturing of our watch bracelets.

Therefore, we ask all our suppliers to prove that the materials we purchase from them are free from any dangerous or hazardous substances. As a consequence, we pay continuous attention to worldwide legal regulations such as German Ordinance of Commodities, Directive 2002/95/EG, ROHS, Law 112, ORRChim Swiss, or FDA (Food and Drug Association) specifications.

Hirsch is known as a forerunner in various fields and has, as an example for this, already begun to make all metal parts offered by Hirsch - mainly buckles - in low-nickel quality, long before the directive on the use of nickel-containing metals was passed.