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The Best of Both Worlds

Classic leather combined with premium caoutchouc - the best raw material for functional bracelets. The pleasantly soft caoutchouc core always adapts to the shape of the wrist and ensures natural thermoregulation and acclimatisation. Hirsch Performance Collection bracelets are flexible, sturdy and robust - and are complemented by an extended 30-month-guarantee (2.5 years).

Hirsch Performance Collection

The name Hirsch has been inseparably linked with leather, as a material, since 1765. The company has enjoyed a global reputation for decades as "the" manufacturer of high-quality leather accessories, which still adorn the world’s most valuable watches today.

Some years ago constant working with the natural product that is leather and research and development in the field of suitable materials led to another major breakthrough, when Hirsch discovered that the superb properties of high-quality natural caoutchouc provided the basis for development of Hirsch Premium Caoutchouc, the best raw material for functional bracelets - a bracelet material that is as soft and comfortable to wear as leather, which is simultaneously enormously versatile and stands up to considerable wear and tear.

Two Areas Of Hirsch Expertise

The aesthetics and functionality of leather and caoutchouc have now been combined in one bracelet to produce a new, trail-blazing product type from the combination of "leather and caoutchouc", which offers the best of both worlds and opens up a new era in the history of the bracelet.

Performance Graph

  • 300m Water-Resistant - Hirsch Performance bracelets ensure a pleasant skin-feeling in each wearing situation. Thanks to the intelligently designed, waterproof caoutchouc core with a specific groove structure, humidity and water are quickly released, thus creating an immediate "dry skin" effect.
  • Long Life - Your Performance bracelet comes with an extended 30-month-guarantee.
  • Pro Skin - Performance bracelets are even suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Moisture & Vapor System - Performance bracelets have an integrated moisture and thermo-regulation.
  • Sauna-Tested - Performance bracelets are sauna-tested.
  • Soft & Flexible - Performance bracelets are made from a soft and elastic material combination.

The Quiet Revolution On Your Wrist

Hirsch Performance Collection styles are a perfect marriage of traditional leather craftsmanship and cutting-edge bracelet technology. Pleasantly soft Hirsch Premium Caoutchouc perfectly adapts to the shape of any wrist and, because it is not in full contact with the skin, ensures natural thermo-regulation and acclimatisation during wear.

The Premium Caoutchouc’s special geometry and superior groove structure ensure constant ventilation for the wrist. Moisture that develops can quickly evaporate, ensuring a high level of wearing comfort and maximum freedom of movement in any situation. Hirsch Performance Collection bracelets are extremely sturdy and robust - all styles thus come with an extended 30-month-guarantee (2.5 years).

The combination of different types and colours of leather imposes virtually no limits on personal surface finish and design preferences. The range of Hirsch Performance Collection styles extends from sporty and dynamic to sporty and classic, so the wearer is free to choose from a very wide range to suit his watch.

Performance Functionality


Luxury watch manufacturers confirm that Hirsch Premium Caoutchouc is the best raw material for functional bracelets. The special geometry and superior grooves at the heart of the caoutchouc ensure moisture is wicked away and the skin itself regulates the temperature under the bracelet.

Performance Wearing Comfort

Wearing Comfort

The pleasantly soft, stretchy combination of leather and caoutchouc fits the wrist perfectly, even in the toughest conditions, ensuring that Hirsch Performance bracelets are extremely comfortable to wear.

Performance Longevity


Whether it’s for everyday wear or sports activity, Hirsch Performance bracelets are flexible, sturdy and robust and are therefore guaranteed for 30 months from the date of purchase.

Performance Aesthetics


Classic leather, combined with the best material for functional bracelets. The Hirsch Performance Collection is synonymous with an attractive appearance, design expertise and the functionality that is associated with premium Hirsch quality.