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The History of Hirsch

The connection between Hirsch and leather goes back as far as the 18th century: the records show that Johannes Franz Hirsch, born in 1765, was a master leather craftsman in Neunkirchen.

After 1945 my grandfather, Hans Hirsch, began to make bracelets for watches, using his pocket knife and a domestic sewing machine, and remnants of leather that he collected from the local shoe industry in Klagenfurt. It was my father Hermann Hirsch who, convinced that improvements to watch bracelets could always be taken further, began to bring this little product, which the family company now prefers to refer to as a "bracelet", into the world.

Hirsch innovations extend from the invention of rembording (the seamless joining of the upper material and the lining), to the development of a method of making waterproof leather, to the development of the only clinically tested system for preventing leather allergies. From the outset the driving force behind all Hirsch innovations has been the desire to ensure longevity, comfort in wear and aesthetic appeal in all situations in which a watch is worn.

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Our family company remains true to its tradition and concentrates exclusively on the processing and refining of leather and similar materials to form highly quality bracelets for watches, which have won wide recognition both in the specialist retail trade and also among watch manufacturers. Hirsch is continuing this tradition into the future, devoting all its efforts to the ongoing further development of the watch bracelet in the fields of technology, design and presentation.

The Significance of the Bracelet

Hirsch prefers to talk about bracelets for watches rather than mere "watch straps". A bracelet has greater perceivable value. This significance is rooted far back in history and in particular it extends far beyond pure function. From the beginning of humanity bracelets have served a wide variety of functions: for example, a bracelet worn as silver rings was a means of payment. Bracelets served to denote rank and demonstrate strength and power. Above all, bracelets have always been an item of jewellery.

The German word for jewellery, "Schmuck", comes from "Geschmeide" (a poetic word for jewellery), and is therefore related to "anschmiegen" (to fit closely against). Thus the ideas associated with bracelets are characterised by softness in conjunction with precious materials. A Hirsch bracelet, made from luxuriously soft materials, is thus transformed into a valuable item of jewellery - truly a bracelet.

The Significance of a Bracelet

Hirsch Bracelet Culture

Material Culture

Hirsch has always been a specialist in handling leather and in combining leather with other fine materials. In the search for the finest and most innovative materials, Hirsch works closely with materials specialists all over the world. Materials are selected according to how far they are imbued with quality: all materials used must contribute to the sensuous experience of wearing the bracelet.

Innovation Culture

Hirsch constantly strives to develop technologies which will lead to the perfecting of solutions for bracelets for watches. All design, product and manufacturing techniques are the result of creative in house research & development at Hirsch. This passion for innovation represents a longstanding tradition and a sense of our obligation towards the future.

Production Culture

Hirsch processes leather to the highest possible standards and with loving attention to detail. Hirsch bracelets fit snugly on the wrist and are full of fine and rich detail, qualities that can be sensed by looks, touch and smell. The manufacture of bracelets for watches involves precision without comprise. In order to assure and promote Hirsch know how, all Hirsch products are manufactured in the company’s own workshops.

Presentation Culture

A fine bracelet needs a fine setting. With the invention of the Hirsch presentation display system, bracelets have been brought out of dark drawers into the bright light with the introduction of point of sales system in selected luxury jewellers. Hirsch is constantly endeavouring to support its partners by carefully thought out presentation systems for bracelets for watches.

Relationship Culture

The Hirsch family stands for honesty, reliability, permanence and trust in all its relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and all partners. All Hirsch employees are ambassadors for the distinctively unique Hirsch culture.

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Robert Hirsch

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