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100m Water-Resistant

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Does Leather Tolerate Water?

Hirsch leather watch bands are generally water resistant and dry more quickly than conventional bracelets, without any loss of physical and aesthetic quality, suppleness and appearance. Hirsch watch bands are far from being afraid of water!

A leather watch band that can be safely washed with mild soap and still remains supple and beautiful, that can be worn by divers at depths of 100m in the sea and will still be dry in a matter of minutes - all this is possible with a product of the Hirsch 100m Water-Resistant range.

100m Water-Resistant Watch

The 100m Water-Resistant Series

Products of the Hirsch 100m Water-Resistant series are the first watch straps on the market that are as water resistant as the watches themselves, because upper and lining leather are connected by means of the Hirsch "Rembordé" technology without any joints and down to the fibre. The padding material that gives the bracelet its three dimensional form is also water resistant.

100m Water-Resistant watch straps made by Hirsch will of course get wet, just like any other leather. They absorb less water, however, and dry considerably faster than traditionally tanned leather. What is most important is that Hirsch products will retain their quality, shape, suppleness, colour and hence their aesthetic appeal.

Relevant Characteristics

100m Water-Resistant Buildup

  • The production technology applied (Hirsch Rembordé) protects the leather watch band from destructive, outer influences.
  • Even the inlay layer (LIM - Leather Injection Moulding) of the watch band is water resistant!
  • The usage of a hydrophobing tanning process turns ordinary leather into water resistant leather. That is, leather is being made water resistant in the course of tanning.

By The Way...

Did you know that we owe the development of water resistant leather to Mr. Hermann Hirsch? It was namely Hermann Hirsch's opinion that when there are water resistant watches on the market, there also had to be water resistant bracelets which hold those watches safely on the wrist during water activities.

In further promoting this idea he assigned a tannery with the development and production of water resistant leather for watch bands. Consequently, Hirsch was in the lucky position to offer this benefit exclusively, also for watch straps.

A Few Examples

Hirsch 100m Water-Resistant

Besides our current innovations Viscount and Grand Duke, the models Carbon and Mariner do also possess this special, functional feature. The five bracelet models which form our Natural Rubber series, Athlon, Extreme, Accent, Hevea and Pure, even go beyond this feature as they are completely water tight, meaning that they do not absorb (0% absorption) any humidity at all!